Exercise And Physical Activity During TravelsExercise And Physical Activity During Travels

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Tracy Benham M.S.
Healthy Travel
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Tracy Benham M.S. comes on the show to discuss Healthy air travel. She will give vital information for vacationers on Altitude, dehydration, heat illnesses, eating healthy during your travels and how to keep fit and exercise during travels.
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Tracy Benham has helped thousands achieve optimum health and well-being with her dynamic, motivating, and inspirational approach. She has consulted for hospitals, rehab centers, country clubs, fitness centers, universities and five star resorts. Her personal clients have included Olympic athletes, CEOs and many overworked parents. Ms Benham also produces health and fitness videos that have been seen online over 1 million times. With a Masters degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Florida, and an ensuing 15 years of development of nationally-recognized programming, she is recognized internationally for her infectious enthusiasm and engaging health and wellness presentations. She is presently writing a travel fitness book, runs numerous websites and is an online fitness expert for many large health and fitness websites. Tracy is a certified member of ACSM and a Member of ACSM Women in Sports, SHI, Committee.
Melanie Cole, M.S.
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