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Topic: The Human-Animal Bond
Guest(s): Dr. Anne Perkins; Dr. Kathy Hillestad, DVM
The Importance of the Human Animal Bond - Part 2
Guest(s):Dr. Anne Perkins
Topic Info:Dr. Anne Perkins joins the show to discuss the first Anthrozoology major offered at a US college. She will talk about the importance of the human animal bond and different elements of the program, including being assigned a dog or horse as "homework".
Show Date:2011-09-20
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How the Human Animal Bond Impacts the Family Featured
How Pets Improve the Emotional Well-Being of Their Owners
Guest(s):Dr. Kathy Hillestad, DVM
Topic Info:Expert veterinarian, Dr. Kathy Hillestad joins the show to discuss how the human animal bond impacts the entire family and the emotional well being of pet owners.
Show Date:2011-09-20
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Topic: Gentle Giants Dog Rescue
Guest(s): Actor Burt Ward
From Caped Crusader to Canine Crusader Featured Popular
Gentle Giants: Rescuing Large Breed Dogs
Guest(s):Actor Burt Ward
Topic Info:Actor Burt Ward, best known for his role as TV's "Robin" in the 1960's ABC hit TV show Batman joins Barbara to discuss his passion and mission for rescuing and finding homes for dogs, especially large breeds. His non-profit rescue shelter is called Gentl ...
Show Date:2011-09-13
Topic: Puppy 101
Guest(s): Dr. Scott McKay
How to Choose a Healthy Puppy Featured
What to Know When Adopting or Rescuing Your Pet
Guest(s):Dr. Scott McKay
Topic Info:Dr. Scott McKay from Doctors Foster and Smith joins the show to discuss how to choose a healthy pet, with a focus on puppies. He will explain what to look for when purchasing a dog from pet stores, breeders and rescue shelters and the steps needed after ...
Show Date:2011-09-13
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