Low Return for High Healthcare CostsLow Return for High Healthcare Costs

Show: Life, Love and Health - Special Edition

Dr. Winifred Hayes
Healthcare Costs, Surgical Robots, Diagnostic Results and Joint Replacement
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Dr. Winifred S. Hayes, President and CEO of Hayes, Inc., joins the show to discuss the economic and clinical impact when expensive new healthcare technologies gain mass adoption but fail to drive improvements in patient care and clinical outcomes.
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Dr. Winifred S. Hayes, PhD, is President and CEO of Hayes, Inc., a woman-owned health technology research and consulting company dedicated to promoting better health outcomes through the use of evidence. She received her Doctor of Philosophy degree from the Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health. A graduate of the University of Maryland School of Nursing, with Primary Care Nurse Practitioner and Master of Science degrees, she has served as an Associate Professor and Program Director for the Occupational Health Nursing Graduate Program at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing. She also served on the faculties of Emory University and the University of Maryland. She is currently affiliated with the Senior Scholars Program in the Department of Health Policy at Jefferson Medical College. Dr. Hayes lectures and publishes as an advocate for the role that evidence-based decision-making plays in improving patient outcomes and healthcare resource allocation.
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