The Numerous Benefits of Vitamin C

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Steve Coffman
Vitamins and Supplements
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Author Steve Coffman joins the show to discuss something he is very passionate about...the sick, suffering and disabled veterans and others forsaken by orthodox medicine. He will talk about ascorbic acids, health benefits of vitamin C and more.
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Steve’s father was a Detroit plumber, but he moved the family to California after Steve was born. Steve grew up in San Jose and enlisted in the Navy in 1968 and received an honorable discharge in 1971. After college, Steve worked as an electronic technician and then became a computer technician until he retired in 2004. Steve has had a lifelong fascination with vitamins, especially after some of his closest relatives died from apparent vitamin deficiencies. He really cares about the sick, suffering, and disabled veterans and those forsaken by orthodox medicine. His book, Ezekiel’s Medicine, was forged from Steve’s 30 years of research and intense searching into often forgotten information.
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Ezekiel’s Medicine
Danika Quinn
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