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Seth Ginsberg
Medical Marijuana
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As most of us know, medical marijuana is one of the fastest growing medical sub-specialties in the U.S. Historically, medical marijuana conferences have catered to advocates for the legalization of recreational marijuana or those who are already well informed on medical marijuana. With medical marijuana now legal in 14 states, there is a demand for a more informative, comprehensive and objective forum for providers, patients and physicians. TGI Healthworks, a national leader in the formation and production of medical and pharmaceutical conferences, recently hosted the first Plant Medicine Expo & Healthcare Provider Conference in Denver Colorado.

Co-founder and President of TGI Healthworks, Seth Ginsberg joins the show with some news from the recent expo as well as new arguments for medical marijuana.
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Seth Ginsberg was diagnosed at age 13 with Spondyloarthropathy, a degenerative form of arthritis. He co-founded CreakyJoints ( at the age of 18, in order to help fellow arthritis sufferers understand the benefits of exercise, diet, a positive mental outlook, and a productive relationship with their doctor. CreakyJoints is now a part of the larger non-profit advocacy group, the Global Healthy Living Foundation (of which he is the President), which provides education about many forms of chronic illness.

Ginsberg is co-founder and President of TGI Healthworks, a company that produces and executes branded, measurable grassroots education events for patients, caregivers and healthcare providers. As the primary company spokesperson, he is a frequent speaker at colleges, universities, and health and medical conferences. As a spokesperson for the Arthritis Huddle from the ages of 19-24, he and football legend Joe Namath traveled throughout the United States to over 100 cities -- speaking to healthcare providers, patients and caregivers about health and wellness. Ginsberg graduated from Babson College (Boston) with a B.S. in Social Entrepreneurship in 2003.
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