Is The Controversial HCG Diet Right For You?

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Sonia Russell, LPN
Is Rapid Weight-loss Possible?
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Sonia Russell joins Danika to discuss why the controversial HCG diet for rapid weight loss, wildly popular in the 1960's and 1970's, is making a comeback.
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Trained at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, Sonia Russell has been a licensed nurse for 12 years. As a professional HCG diet coach for the past 4 years, Sonia has coached thousands of patients following the HCG Diet Protocol. Her vast experience with hands-on patient care, thousands of patient testimonials and extensive research have prompted her to write educational articles promoting a safer and healthier HCG diet weight loss method, co-author a book detailing the modified HCG diet protocol including a variety of successful tips on reaching weight management goals while on the HCG diet.
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The Best Diet You Have Never Heard Of
Danika Quinn
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