Caring For An Aging Loved OneCaring For An Aging Loved One

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Cindy Laverty
November Is National Caregivers Month
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Would you know what to do if, overnight, you became the caregiver for a loved one, family member, or friend? Cindy Laverty joins Danica to talk about the challenges of care-giving for an elderly or infirm loved one.
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Cindy Laverty is the author of the book "Caregiving: Eldercare Made Clear & Simple." She's a media personality, author, public speaker and professional caregiver. Her “Cindy Laverty Show,” heard on KZSB AM 1290 in Santa Barbara, is one of the few radio show's heard anywhere dedicated to the subject of CARE – how we care for ourselves so we can better care for others.
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Caregiving: Eldercare Made Clear & Simple
Danika Quinn
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