Can Yoga Make You Healthier As Well As Happier?Can Yoga Make You Healthier As Well As Happier?

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Nancy Wile
Yoga 101
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Nancy Wile joins Danika to discuss the many ways that a regular yoga practice can improve your health and help you fell happier, healthier, and more whole.
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Nancy Wile is a long time yoga teacher and the founder of the Yoga Education Institute and Yoga To Go - an organization that brings yoga to busy people around the world. She has lived in quite a few places (Seattle, New York, New Jersey, Oregon, Nevada and Florida), and yoga has been a constant for her in each place. She has a doctorate in education from Columbia University and, along with teaching yoga, she has spent much time teaching and developing health and wellness programs. Yoga has been a tremendous help in her life and she loves working with other teachers to bring the benefits of yoga to more people.
Danika Quinn
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