Sadness, Depression & The HolidaysSadness, Depression & The Holidays

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Ron Podell, M.D.
How To Overcome The "Holiday Blues"
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The holiday blues is an all too common feeling that many people experience. Dr. Ron Podell joins Danika to explain that there are many factors that can cause the depressed, stressed, agitated, fatigued, down and out, dreaded bad feelings that many people experience over the holidays.
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Ronald M. Podell, M.D. is a board certified psychiatrist. Dr. Podell graduated with honors from Amherst College and received his medical degree from Columbia University. He completed his post-graduate psychiatry training at UCLA and was named to the Clinical Faculty in 1979. He served over 20 years as Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry. He regularly teaches post-graduate courses for both mental health professionals and laymen and has been course director for two national symposia.

Dr. Podell was one of the founding physicians for the Century City Hospital in Vitro Fertilization Program. He was then named to co-direct the hospital´s Center for Sexual Medicine, which offered multi-disciplinary treatment for sexual dysfunction. He co-founded the Center for Mood Disorders in West Los Angeles in 1984 and the Westridge Psychiatric Medical Group in 1989.

Dr. Podell has published articles in academic and lay journals and is the author of Contagious Emotions – Staying well when your loved one is depressed. He has extensive media experience including local and national television, radio, newspapers and magazines. His most recent endeavor is the founding of the Center for Bio-Behavioral Science, a multi-disciplinary center devoted to the diagnosis of memory problems in older adults and attention and learning problems in young adults.
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Contagious Emotions
Danika Quinn
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