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Dr. Anita Chandra
Infants and Cold and Flu Season
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Cold and Flu season is never fun, but when your baby is sick, it can be very scary. Dr Anita Chandra joins Melanie Cole M.S. to discuss how to keep your infants healthy this fall and winter from many of the most common infant illnesses. She will also discuss home treatments and what to do if they do get sick.
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Dr. Chandra practices pediatrics with Northwestern Memorial Physician’s Group in Chicago. Originally from Ohio, she received her bachelor's degree from Miami University in 1991 and medical degree from Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine in 1995. After completing her residency at Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, she worked as a pediatric hospitalist and then joined her current practice. Dr. Chandra maintains a strong affiliation with the medical school as an Instructor in Clinical Pediatrics at Northwestern University. She serves as faculty tutor for the Problem Based Learning Curriculum and was appointed to the Medical School’s Curriculum Committee. Over the years she worked in various capacities with the AAP Illinois Chapter. She serves on the Committee on Infectious Diseases and is faculty with both the Reaching Our Goals and Adolescent Immunization Projects.

Dr. Chandra’s professional interests are focused on being a champion of childhood immunizations both in the office and in the media. She is a Media Spokesperson for the AAP and regularly has the opportunity to discuss pediatric topics for TV news, print media and various online parenting resources. Outside of work, Anita chairs the SEED Foundation, a nonprofit scholarship foundation serving Indian high school students. She is married with four young children, and enjoys photography, music, Indian folk dance and event planning.
Melanie Cole, M.S.
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