The Best Medications and Remedies To Treat Common Childhood IllnessesThe Best Medications and Remedies To Treat Common Childhood Illnesses

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Dr. Jennifer Trachtenberg M.D.
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With so much—often conflicting—information on the Internet about everything from the flu to asthma to vaccines, it’s hard for parents to know the best way to protect their children’s health. That’s why Pediatrician Dr. Jennifer Trachtenberg teamed up with the Joint Commission (the nation’s leading advocate for patient safety) and RealAge to write THE SMART PARENT’S GUIDE TO GETTING YOUR KIDS THROUGH CHECKUPS, ILLNESSES AND ACCIDENTS: Expert Answers to the Questions Parents Ask Most (Free Press; March 2010).

Making healthcare decisions for your child can be overwhelming in this age of instant information. It’s easy for parents to feel like they know next to nothing or way too much. Either way, they may resort to guessing instead of making smart choices.

Dr Jennifer Trachtenberg comes on the show to discuss parenting tips for everything from How to find Dr. Right to 10 tips for the perfect office visit.
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Dr. Jennifer Trachtenberg, is a nationally-renowned parenting expert and board-certified pediatrician. She has practiced pediatric and adolescent medicine for more than 12 years and maintains a successful private practice in New York City. Author of Good Kids, Bad Habits:The RealAge Guide to Raising Healthy Children, Dr. Trachtenberg also serves as chief pediatric officer for She earned her undergraduate degree in clinical nutrition, as well as her MD, from Cornell University. She is also Assistant Clinical Professor in pediatrics at The Mount Sinai Medical Center, a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics, and a mother of three young children.

As the heart and soul of the Parenting Center, Dr. Trachtenberg helps educate parents on how to raise healthy children through the RealAge Healthy Kids Test. The site offers a RealAge Parenting Style Quiz, and gives parents the opportunity to sign up for weekly tips and check the most recent and relevant medical news on child health. Dr. Trachtenberg has appeared on NBC's The Today Show, AOL Coaches Homepage, iVillage Live, and CNN's Headline News, among others. She has published articles on various health and parenting topics, including child development and childhood obesity.
Melanie Cole, M.S.
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