Seniors Don't Be Left Out During Medicare Part D Enrollment

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Dr. William Fleming
Perspectives On Medicare Part D Enrollment Plans
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Dr. William K. Fleming joins Dr. DeSilva to discuss to the importance of Medicare Part D and selecting an appropriate prescription coverage plan.
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Dr. William K. Fleming is Vice President of Pharmacy and Clinical Integration for Humana, Inc., a 7.0 million member health benefits organization. Dr. Fleming has developed and launched innovative benefit designs that drive the idea of choice, transparency, and independence into the decision-making process of the consumer. Through this work, he has become an inventor of three patent-pendings. He has led the development and launch of outreach communication/education programs that give the consumer information so they are engaged in the decision-making process. The Humana ePharmacy portal will receive more than 8 million hits in 2005 for this type of information. Dr. Fleming received his BS Pharmacy from the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy, where he went on to receive his Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD). He also holds a BS in Biology from Transylvania University.
Dr. Derrick DeSilva
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