The Myths and Realities of Emergency CareThe Myths and Realities of Emergency Care

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Dr. Jay Kaplan
ER in Crisis: Fact or Fiction?
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We hear it all of the time. Emergency care is expensive and full of patients who really don’t need to be there causing overcrowding. We have been promised that health care reform will solve this overcrowding problem. What is fact and what is fiction? Our expert will sort it all out and set the record straight with common myths versus realities about the current and future state of emergency care in America.
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Dr. Jay Kaplan is a practicing emergency physician in California. A graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Medical School, Dr. Kaplan was named the American College of Emergency Physicians' Outstanding Speaker of the Year in October 2003. Dr. Kaplan served as Chairman of the Department of Emergency Medicine (1985-2001) and as a Medical Staff Officer including Chief of Staff (1992-2001) at Saint Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston, NJ. As Chairman of Emergency Services for his health system (1998-2001), he led his system's emergency departments to the 98th percentile in patient satisfaction and his own emergency department was in the 90th percentile for 6 years in a row (1996-2001). As a national speaker and facilitator, Dr. Kaplan presents to and coaches hospital leadership teams, emergency departments, medical staffs and medical groups across the country to the highest level, with proven implementation strategies and specialized systems that hardwire service and operational excellence. Dr. Kaplan continues to practice clinically in the Emergency Department because he loves the clinical practice of medicine, and caring for patients helps him remain close to the patients', the hospital staff's, and the physician's current experience.
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