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Dr. Arlo Weltge
ACEP's "Just 2 Percent" Campaign
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Medical liability is one of the parameters that ACEP used in their recent national report card which affects access to emergency care in this country. Dr. Arlo Weltge, ACEP Council Speaker, will be on to talk about how Medical Liability Reform is working in his state of Texas and it's positive affect on their national report card!
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Dr. Weltge is a clinical associate professor of emergency medicine at the University of Texas Medical School in Houston. He began his emergency practice about the same time emergency medicine was recognized as a specialty. Dr. Weltge has practiced in rural, suburban, private, public, and teaching hospitals in and around Houston. Dr. Weltge speaks on a wide variety of health care topics and is involved with regional efforts to address emergency department overcrowding and access to trauma care. He has been involved with local injury prevention efforts, state issues related to professional liability, and is knowledgeable about state and federal access to care, health care reform, public health and human research subject protection issues. Dr. Weltge serves as medical director for the Houston Community College Program in EMS, which trains the City of Houston EMTs and Basics. He also is fellowship director for the joint University of Texas—Houston Fire Department EMS Fellowship. Dr. Weltge is also past president of the Texas College of Emergency Physicians and chair of ACEP’s Finance Committee. In addition, he was awarded the Meritorious Service Award by ACEP’s Council.
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