Drug Abuse in TeensDrug Abuse in Teens

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Dr. William Rogers
Pressures Facing Teens and Young Adults
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What are emergency physicians seeing in their ERs specific to overdoses? Is pop culture influencing it, with high-profile celebrities in the news with drug problems and drug related deaths. What type of drugs are being abused the most? What do they do to your bodies? Dr. William Rogers will share some insights on probably the biggest drug problem facing teens today.
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Dr. William Rogers is the Medical Director for the Oxford Police Department in Ohio. Since January 2005, he has also been an attending physician in the Department of Emergency Medicine at McCullough-Hyde Hospital. Dr. Rogers is the past president of the Ohio Chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians. Along with his medical background, Dr. Rogers also has an extensive background in law enforcement. He is detective and supervisor for the Pharmaceutical Division Unit for the Drug Abuse Resistance Task Force in Cincinnati. He has spent several years working narcotics cases for different law enforcement organizations.
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