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Dr. Al Sacchetti
Heart Disease
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Sadly, we hear stories every year of athletes and young children, seemingly healthy in every way suffering from some type of traumatic cardiac episode, often fatal. What causes it? What can prevent it? What does every parent and adult need to know? Dr. Al Sacchetti joins the show to discuss the controversy behind ECG testing in all young athletes.
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Dr. Al Sacchetti is a return guest and a pediatric emergency expert. He will be on the show to talk about cardiac injuries that can occur in athletes and young patients. Dr. Al Sacchetti is an emergency physician, researcher and enthusiastic educator. An award-winning author, he is credited with over 75 journal and textbook publications, more than 200 national and international lectures, and 10 editorial board appointments. Dr. Sacchetti’s accomplishments include co-authoring the nation’s first Emergency Medical Services for Children Law and pioneering the Emergency Information Form for Children with Special Health Care Needs. He is an inaugural board member of "Children Can Shape the Future." Dr. Sacchetti is past president of New Jersey ACEP, the Pediatric Section of ACEP, Medical Staff of Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center and a present or past member of over 30 ACEP, AAP, NJ State or Medical Society committees. He has represented ACEP in multiple state and national arenas. In addition to his administrative, research and academic responsibilities, Dr. Sacchetti maintains a full-time clinical practice as a general emergency physician.
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