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Dr. Juan Fitz
Important Stroke Information from the ACEP
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May is National Stroke Awareness Month. Almost 800,000 people have a stroke every year and about 140,000 Americans die from a stroke every year. Stroke is a medical emergency and time is of the essence if you are having a stroke! We now think of a stroke as a "brain attack." Dr. Juan Fitz will be on to talk about how to recognize the warning signs of a stroke, risk factors, as well as, how to prevent a stroke. We will discuss what you should do if you or a loved one is having a stroke. This is an important show that could just help save the life of someone you love!
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Dr. Juan Fitz is an assistant medical director of the emergency department at Covenant Medical Group in Lubbock, Texas and Co-Medical Director of the Chest Pain Center and Leader of the Emergency Department Stroke Team. He was also Medical Director of the Covenant Ambulance Service Past President of the Lubbock, Texas County Medical Society and current Chair of the Texas Medical Association EMS Trauma Committee Board Member TCEP. Dr. Fitz was flight physician for AeroMed in Michigan. Dr. Fitz was president and flight physician for AirMed El Paso. He is also clinical professor and emergency medicine advisor for Texas Tech Health Sciences Center in Lubbock. Dr. Fitz is an active ACEP spokesperson.
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