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Topic: Hospital Quality
Guest(s): Mary Beth Navarra-Sirio, RN, MBA
Quest for Quality Prize Recognizes Leadership and Innovation in Q... Popular
Guest(s):Mary Beth Navarra-Sirio, RN, MBA
Topic Info:Five U.S. hospitals were recognized for their leadership and innovation in quality improvement and safety. Mary Beth Navarra-Sirio, RN, MBA, Vice President, Patient Safety Officer for McKesson, comes on the show to discuss what constitutes the criteria f ...
Show Date:2011-07-20
Topic: Psychiatric Emergencies
Guest(s): Dr. Thomas Swoboda; Dr. David John; Dr. Muhammad Waseem
Pyschiatric Emergencies
Guest(s):Dr. Thomas Swoboda
Topic Info:What constitutes a psychiatric emergency? Dr. Thomas Swoboda joins the show to answer when and why should someone go to the hospital emergency room, what is entailed in an emergency psychiatric evaluation and many more important questions regarding Psychi ...
Show Date:2011-03-11
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The Elderly and Psychiatric Conditions Featured
Pediatric Psychiatric Emergencies
Guest(s):Dr. Muhammad Waseem
Topic Info:Psychiatric conditions may be very different in children compared to other age groups. Learn about what some of the common signs to look for and when to suspect your child may be manifesting a true psychiatric condition. We will also discuss how today� ...
Show Date:2011-03-11
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Topic: History & Controversy In Childbirth
Guest(s): Dr. Randi Hutter Epstein
Should There Be Cameras In The Delivery Room?
Guest(s):Dr. Randi Hutter Epstein
Topic Info:Dr. Randi Hutter Epstein joins Danika to discuss the controversy over the fact that some hospitals are banning videos in the delivery room. The debate, of course, has nothing to do with safety but about doctors’ fear of lawsuits versus a woman’s right ...
Show Date:2011-02-24
Topic: How To Get The Most From Your Relationship With Your Doctor
Guest(s): Nancy Metcalf
What Doctors Wish Their Patients Knew Popular
Guest(s):Nancy Metcalf
Topic Info:Nancy Metcalf, a Senior Program Editor at Consumer Reports magazine, joins Dr. DeSilva to discuss the results from a new doctors’ poll and a companion survey of 49,007 Consumer Reports subscribers about their experiences with physicians. She will also o ...
Show Date:2011-02-10
More Information Popular
Topic: Trauma Care
Guest(s): Steven R. Gambert, MD
Trauma and the Elderly Featured
Topic: Gynecologic Cancer Prevention and Treatment
Guest(s): Dr. Lisa Abaid
When Can Robotic Surgery be Used to Treat Gynecologic Cancer?
Guest(s):Dr. Lisa Abaid
Topic Info:Dr. Lisa Abaid, gynecologic oncologist from Hoag Hospital joins the show to discuss warning signs and early detection of ovarian cancer. Also, what treatment options are available, including robotic surgery.
Show Date:2010-12-16
Topic: Medicare Physician Paycuts
Guest(s): Dr. Cecil B. Wilson, MD, President of the AMA
AMA President Talks Medicare Physician Paycuts Featured Popular
Topic: Models for Urban Health Care
Guest(s): Steve Koch, Chairman of the Board of Sinai Health System
Models for Urban Health Care
Guest(s):Steve Koch, Chairman of the Board of Sinai Health System
Topic Info:Chicago Civic Leader and Investment Banker Cycles Across America, Raising Over $300,000 for New Ambulatory Care Center. Steve Koch, Chairman of the Board of Sinai Health System, comes on the show to discuss his ride and how he raised over $300,000 for a ...
Show Date:2010-11-10
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Topic: Sports Emergencies
Guest(s): Dr. Alan Faden; Dr. Kevin Waninger
Sports Related Concussions Featured
Most Common Sports Injuries in Adults
Guest(s):Dr. Kevin Waninger
Topic Info:Dr. Kevin Waninger joins the show to discuss common sports injuries in adults. Learn what can be done to help prevent these injuries, conditioning exercises and what to do before beginning a new exercise regime.
Show Date:2010-10-08
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Topic: Pediatric Emergencies
Guest(s): Dr. Al Sacchetti; Dr. Matt Locklair
Pediatric Emergency Care
Guest(s):Dr. Al Sacchetti
Topic Info:Emergency Physician, Dr. Al Sacchetti joins the show to provide an overview of pediatric emergency medicine and debunk many of the myths out there that emergency departments don’t do as good a job or have the proper equipment to treat kids as pediatric ...
Show Date:2010-09-24
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The Differences When Treating Infants in the ER
Guest(s):Dr. Matt Locklair
Topic Info:Statistics show that parents bring their infants to the ER substantially more often on weekends than weekdays. Pediatric Medicine Physician, Dr. Matt Locklair joins the show to discuss how infants are treated in the ER; including the different care requi ...
Show Date:2010-09-24
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Topic: Antibiotics
Guest(s): Behzad Khosrovi, M.A., Ph.D.
Global Problem of Antibiotic Resistance
Guest(s):Behzad Khosrovi, M.A., Ph.D.
Topic Info:The incidence of drug-resistant hospital infections is growing at an alarming rate, and strains of bacteria are now emerging that are resistant to all known antibiotic drugs. NovaBay is actively searching for the next generation of antimicrobial compound ...
Show Date:2010-09-21
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Topic: Injury Prevention
Guest(s): Dr. Sandra Schneider; Dr. Ryan Stanton; Dr. Michael Gerardi; Dr. Kit Delgado
ACEP's Future with the Incoming President
Guest(s):Dr. Sandra Schneider
Topic Info:Dr. Sandra Schneider is ACEP’s president-elect. She will join the show to discuss the state of emergency care, including; the CDC figures that were released and what she wants to focus on in her upcoming term as ACEP’s president.
Show Date:2010-09-10
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Flu Shots Featured
The Dangers Associated with Elderly People Falling Featured
Annals Research: Preventative Health Survey
Guest(s):Dr. Kit Delgado
Topic Info:Dr. Kit Delgado joins Dr. Leigh to talk about research on preventive health as it relates to the emergency department. He has authored an unpublished Annals of Emergency Medicine study on this topic.
Show Date:2010-09-10
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Topic: Back to School Safety
Guest(s): Steven J. Czinn, M.D.
Childhood Vaccinations Featured
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