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Topic: Holistic Healing
Guest(s): Nicole Lanning
How To Use Holistic Healing and Reiki
Guest(s):Nicole Lanning
Topic Info:Founder of Healing Art Forms Institute and author, Nicole Lanning joins the show to discuss holistic healing and reiki; what is it and how can it help you in your everyday life?
Show Date:2010-08-24
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Topic: Digestive Enzymes
Guest(s): Dr. Janet Angel
Digestive Enzyme Support for Athletes
Guest(s):Dr. Janet Angel
Topic Info:Dr. Janet Angel- Nutritional Biochemist, with Nature's Sources, comes on the show to discuss digestive enzymes and athletes. She answers questions such as "What enzymes are most important in helping one's body heal from injuries? What about general metab ...
Show Date:2010-07-28
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Topic: Weight Loss, Body Image and Hormones
Guest(s): Wendy Shanker
Alternative Medicine Options for Women
Guest(s):Wendy Shanker
Topic Info:Author Wendy Shanker joins the show to discuss her upcoming book, "Are You My Guru?: How Medicine, Meditation & Madonna Saved My Life" and why and how women can learn to trust their bodies. Also, alternative medicine options for women.
Show Date:2010-07-22
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Topic: Fertility: Can Acupuncture Help/
Guest(s): Mike Berkley, L.Ac., FABORM
How Acupuncture Can Help Infertility
Guest(s):Mike Berkley, L.Ac., FABORM
Topic Info:Mike Berkley, Founder and Director of The Berkley Center for Reproductive Wellness joins the show to discuss how acupuncture may be able to help those with fertility issues.
Show Date:2010-06-28
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Topic: Integrative Medicine: Medical Honey
Guest(s): Barry J. Wolfenson
What is Medical Honey and What are its Uses?
Guest(s):Barry J. Wolfenson
Topic Info:Barry Wolfensen from Derma Sciences joins the show to talk about the use of MediHoney; what it is and how it can be used in the medical field; including diabetic ulcers, wound care and more.
Show Date:2010-04-20
Topic: Probiotics
Guest(s): Michael Shahani
Probiotics - Do They Work?
Guest(s):Michael Shahani
Topic Info:Nebraska Cultures, a pioneering manufacturer of the DDS-1 strain of probiotics, is sponsoring a study to test how long and well good bacteria stays in the human body.
Show Date:2010-03-10
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Topic: Food, Medicine and Nature
Guest(s): Dr. David Friedman
Natures Pharmacy Featured
Health Facts and Myths
Guest(s):Dr. David Friedman
Topic Info:Hosts Dr. David Friedman and Melanie Cole, M.S. discuss Food, Medicine, and Nature; including some of the most famous wives tales about your health.
Show Date:2010-03-04
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Topic: How To Stay Healthy and OUT of the Doctor's Office
Guest(s): Dr. Bryan C. Donohue, M.D., F.A.C.C.Chief, Division of Cardiology, University of Pittsburgh
What Can I Do To Stay Healthy NOW?
Guest(s):Dr. Bryan C. Donohue, M.D., F.A.C.C.Chief, Division of Cardiology, University of Pittsburgh
Topic Info:In the old days, doctors would recommend an apple a day. Today, the recommendation is similar, but it involves grapes. "In the world of mainstream healthcare, there are two kinds of people - sick people, and healthy people," said Dr. Bryan C. Donohue, ...
Show Date:2010-02-10
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The Benefits of Resveratrol Featured
Topic: Stress Relief Techniques
Guest(s): Sarah McLean
Dial Down Stress in 2010 Popular
Guest(s):Sarah McLean
Topic Info:It may seem that there’s nothing you can do about your stress level. The bills aren’t going to stop coming, there will never be more hours in the day for all your errands, and your career or family responsibilities will always be demanding. But you ha ...
Show Date:2009-12-30
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Topic: Management of Neck and Back Pain
Guest(s): Dr. Raymond Hall
Ways to Combat Neck and Back Pain Popular
Guest(s):Dr. Raymond Hall
Topic Info:On average, Americans spend over 25 to 30 years of their life sleeping. Consumers often spend thousands of dollars on expensive mattresses to help with spinal pain, if a cheap fluffy pillow is paired with it, the pain will continue. Dr.Raymond Hall joins ...
Show Date:2009-12-02
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Topic: Pain and Inflammation
Guest(s): Dr. Steven Arculeo, DC
Decrease Pain and Inflammation with Ingredients Found In Your Kit...
Guest(s):Dr. Steven Arculeo, DC
Topic Practitioner, Dr. Steven Arculeo, DC, joins the show and suggests cleaning up your kitchen cabinets to help alleviate pain and inflammation without the risky use of NSAIDS.
Show Date:2009-11-03
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Topic: Exercising During Flu Season: Optimizing Your Immune System
Guest(s): David C. Nieman, Dr.P.H., FACSM
"Supplement"ing Your Immune System
Guest(s):David C. Nieman, Dr.P.H., FACSM
Topic Info:If you want to prevent getting colds this season, then regular, moderate exercise may be just what the doctor ordered. Research has shown that exercise helps your immune system fight simple infections like colds and flu. Dr. David Nieman, director of t ...
Show Date:2009-10-27
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Topic: Integrative Health
Guest(s): Thierry Montfort
Bridging the Gap Between Homeopathic and Conventional Medicine
Guest(s):Thierry Montfort
Topic Info:Thierry Montfort, CEO of Heel USA joins the show to discuss how homeopathic healthcare plays a role.
Show Date:2009-10-14
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Topic: Beauty and Wellness
Guest(s): Denise DeBaun
Is There a Fountain of Youth?
Guest(s):Denise DeBaun
Topic Info:Is there really a fountain of youth? Denise DeBaun, President and CEO of Sustainable Youth Technologies joins the show with tips on how sustain beauty, youth and vitality from the inside out!
Show Date:2009-09-16
Topic: Psychedelic and Medical Marijuana Research: Politics and Protocols
Guest(s): Rick Doblin
Psychedelic and Medical Marijuana Research: Politics and Protoco...
Guest(s):Rick Doblin
Show Date:2007-08-21
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Topic: Mind/Body Coaching
Guest(s): Andrew Delany & Dr. Leta Laborde, DC
Mind/Body Coaching Featured
Topic: Aromatherapy
Guest(s): Kerry Hughes
Guest(s):Kerry Hughes
Show Date:2007-08-14
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Topic: Antibiotic Resistance: How “Mimicking” Nature may be The Key to Stopping a Possible Pandemic.
Guest(s): Dr. Nick Landekic
Antibiotic Resistance: How “Mimicking” Nature may be The Key ... Featured
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