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Fran Drescher
Cancer Schmancer
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Fran Drescher is an Emmy nominated actress, Director, Writer and Producer. She is well known for her starring role on "The Nanny "and her many movie roles including "This is Spinal Tap" FRAN makes a guest appearance to discuss her organization, Cancer Schmancer and how surviving Uterine cancer has affected her life.
Dr. Elaine Lee Wade, MD
Cancer treatments, Early detection
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Dr. Elaine Lee Wade, MD is Associate Directorof The Breast Center for Glenbrook Hospital of Evanston Northwestern Healthcare. Dr. Wade is a medical oncologist specializing in breast cancer at Evanston Northwestern Healthcare. She is board certified in internal medicine, medical oncology and hematology. She is currently president of the North Shore Region of American Cancer Society, Illinois Division where she provides leadership at the local, state, and national levels. She joins Melanie to discuss cancer treatments and the importance of early detection.
Melanie Cole M.S.
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