is a unique online Health Talk Radio platform featuring targeted conversational radio talk shows all about health, wellness, fitness, and medical news produced and distributed in real-time.

We feature a 24/7 channel with a continual audio stream of Health Talk Radio programs with top medical and health expert guests discussing the latest news in the world of health and medicine. also provides an Audio Library with thousands of shows and podcasts covering hundreds of important health topics.

We also offer customizable digital Customized Health Talk Platforms for hospitals and other health entities accessed from the hospital or client website - and all interviews are with their doctors and other health staff.

Our weekly Newsletter is emailed to an active opt-in audience - all of them health conscious consumers who want to know everything they can about health, staying well and feeling and looking their best. gives health product and service providers a broad range of integrated sponsorship and promotional opportunities and the ability to take advantage of global exposure and targeted reach. is creating new targeted Health Talk Radio shows and partnerships with prestigious medical and health organizations and is experiencing a rapid growth in both listeners and users.